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Love Story
Well, I fell in love with George from starring at the cover of
"Kissing To Be Clever" LP, Culture Club's debut album. This is no joke. I was in a department store with my family and
I said to my sister, "Wait a minute, let me see how the man looks that sing
Do You Really Want To Hurt Me?" I couldn't take my eyes off him. I read so
much into that picture. I was right about it all too. To name some of the
things I read into it, I immediately knew that George was exciting, brave,
sensitive, vulnerable (by looking into his eyes) and a bit more, but I also
knew at that moment that I loved him. While my family shopped I spent most of
the time looking at that picture and reading the title of the songs and checking for other releases.
My sister found me still there and called me crazy. She saw him on TV before
me and I was just so excited and disappointed I missed it. I made her tell me
all about him and what he was like. She said, "Girl, he wears makeup and
dress like a woman." She also said she liked him and he didn't act like a
woman and he seemed nice. This may all sound silly, but I'm still loving him today.
It took a while for me to get my hands on an LP/Cassette or an interview. Heck,
it took awhile for me to even here him speak. I hadn't seen moving pictures
of him yet like video or TV appearances. The second time I saw him was "Church
Of the Poison Mind" video. I don't know what happened in between but I missed
some videos. I guess school had me really busy. I ran to my mother's room and
watched the whole thing with a big smile on my face. The first time I heard
him speak was on a Dick Clark New Year's Eve special. After or maybe before
the performance Dick chatted with the guys. George wasn't saying much so the
suspense was killing me. He said "it's 10:00" in response to Dick asking what
time is it there, London I guess. I said to my sister OOOhhhh, did you hear
him?! He said it's 10:00! I was a geek I know. I loved and still do love his wonderful
accent. Another silly thing, I didn't know his real name either. I just
thought Boy George was his stage name. It was fun falling in
love with George though. Now, I'll always love him. Thanks for reading my story.