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Boy George: The Real Man

Bring us closer to our feelings
So the truth is all we ever serve
Bring us Gods we can believe in
Let no cry go unheard
(Lyrics: George O’ Dowd Jan 2009)

This was one of the latest songs I wrote with him called “Let No Cry Go Unheard” mainly with the unfortunate baby P in mind and generally about all hidden injustice and suffering.

It’s unbelievable and incomprehensible how a supremely talented genius like Boy George could be locked away for a disproportionate 15 months for effectively making a citizens arrest in his own home for catching a story selling gold digging opportunist stealing his property.

I am John Themis and have been working, writing, producing and musically directing for George for the best part of 18 years. He is without doubt one of the most talented artists in the world . I know this man. I know the truth and I will share it with you. I will not conveniently distance myself from George like some others have done as if they were going to catch some sort of “association disease” from the latest false stories and misrepresentations that have been banded about in the various media conduits who have been, to say the least and to coin a phrase, “economical with the truth”.

What a target for the media. Boy George. A perfect way of increasing all the ratings so that more expensive advertising space can be sold. Jump on the bandwagon with every one else like a bunch of school bullies. Build em’ up and knock em’ down, it all makes for good copy.

By no means is he the Mother Teresa of the gay world or is he squeaky clean. I know that he has the reputation of being a right bitchy scathing so and so just like we all can be at times. The difference is that we don’t make the gossip column at that moment of news worthy bitchiness. Squeaky clean. Are you? If your private life was dragged through the arena of the public gaze consistently over the years, how many skeletons would you have in your wardrobes? Yet we still cast the stone at the Oscar Wildes, Quentin Crisps and Boy Georges of the world so that we can quench our thirst for crucifixion. He is an open target for the press at the moment which is a shame as they seem to have the knack of catching him in his worst light. Boy George has had his share of drug dramas like a big chunk of the media figures we all know but he has been clean for just under a year now after attending, even chairing at drugs anonymous and let me tell you, according to him there were a few celebrities there, you would be surprised.

He is one of the most considerate and generous persons I have ever met and has proven this to me and people that I have been associated with over the years. The amount of friends and even just acquaintances he has literally put up in his house for months because they were in trouble hard up or had no where else to turn to is beyond most people’s comprehension of charity. Free charity events over the years have been just par for the course. He is an eloquent speaker, a good conversationalist and an extremely intelligent human being, this is why TV companies and radio stations have fallen over themselves and continue to do so just to get him on their shows. He is a loyal and dedicated friend whose unprejudiced tolerance of all races, creeds, sexes and religions is known to many and has been echoed in a lot of the songs that he has written over the years. Unlike some other tax exiles, he has made and lost fortunes in the UK but has stayed here and paid his taxes. He is a Godfather to many children and looks after his nephews, nieces and rather large immediate family even buying his mum a house. Not only is George a magical, shining, spell bounding, talented performer, but also an inspiring illuminating soul to be with who has a unique sense of humour unlike no other. There is never any artistic compromise with George only artistic integrity. On stage and in the studio, everything is real, everything is honest and everything is a reflection of his immensely knowledgeable colourful life’s experience, present and past.

I have received letters emails and phone calls from celebrities and supporters all over the world who like me are dumbfounded at this travesty. Singer, performer, media figure, song writer, poet, designer, photographer, painter, creative genius, it is a pleasure and a privilege to know him, be his friend, work with him and be associated with him. Just like the Phoenix, he will rise out of his own ashes.

John Themis