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My Taboo Time
     My first time witnessing Taboo was on December 26th. I was amazed! I love this show. I honestly don't know why some critics hate it and only give kudos to the score! This is a wonderfully amazing and fun show. There is so much in it. It's funny, sad and wonderful. There are some great singers in the cast. Some of my favorite scenes/numbers are "Freak/Ode To Attention Seekers", "Safe In The City" performed by  Denise Summerford. She filled in for Sarah Uriarte Berry on the shows I saw. Also, "Guttersnipe" "Love Is a Question Mark" and "Ich Bin Kunst".
     I also got to meet some of the talented cast members like, Euan Morton (Boy George) Jeffrey Carlson (Marilyn), Raul Esparza (Philip), Cary Shields (Marcus), Nathan Peck, and Asa Somers and last but not least George (Leigh Bowery). Great people! All were funny and friendly people.

     I saw the show five times while I was there and that still wasn't enough! LOL The music is catchy, charming and addictive, the costumes are colorful, how could I tire of it? :)