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Why I Love Boy George by CoolPolly

     I love George because he's refreshing,charming, funny, witty, talented, real, sweet and kind. Mind you, he's not always this way but then no one is anything all of the time.
     When I first began to love George he hooked me on his boyish charm, his witty comments, his unmatchable talent and of course his smile.
     He's well known for saying what very few wouldn't dare say on the airwaves and to the media and for slagging off his fellow musicians at times. He's not afraid to let people see different sides of him regardless of the outcome.
     I find George to be a warm and kind hearted man as well as polite. He's just as vulnerable as the next person and sensitive and loving. So yes, after all these years, I'm still Mad About The Boy as the book title says.
     Though his music isn't as easy to come by especially in the U.S., I manage to get a hold to most of it and when I do, it brings me great joy to listen to him sing. He's a very talented musician. It's too bad people have closed their minds to him. Their loss!
     We live in a very unforgiving world. George's unfortunate ordeal back in 1986 seems to have ruined his musical career at large. Mind you, he only hurt himself. It was his own personal battle but people cut him off because of it.
     George is very inspiring also. This man doesn't give up! He keeps his creative juices flowing, first pop singer/songwriter, solo artist, head of More Protein Records, journalist, author, DJ, play writer, actor in the Broadway musical Taboo and fashion designer of his own label B-Rude. He's still all of these things and more so if you haven't discovered the magic of the Boy, go out and do so!
Thank you for reading. :-)